KHS AGMThe inaugural Annual General Meeting of the newly established Keir Hardie Society was held in Maryhill, Glasgow on Sunday (June 26th). The Society was launched at Summerlee – Museum of Scottish Industrial Life on the birthday of the first Labour leader, the 15th of August last year to promote a revival of interest in his life and work.

MP Cathy Jamieson was elected as Chairperson of the Society, Hugh Gaffney was elected as Treasurer and Richard Leonard was elected as Society Secretary.

Richard also a Society co-founder said:

“With Labour’s recent election defeats ringing in our ears we could do a lot worse than go back to the beginnings of the Scottish Labour Party and once again understand its purpose and recapture its sense of direction. Keir Hardie’s politics were founded on principle, vision and determination. We need more of that in the labour movement today.

“In the last year we have successfully established the Society and begun work on our goal of promoting the life and work of Keir Hardie. In April of this year East Ayrshire Council erected road signs which inform people that Cumnock is the home of James Keir Hardie, the Keir Hardie exhibition in the Baird Institute in the town has been revamped and we hope to get his writing back in circulation and a web site established.

“We chose the Maryhill Community Halls for Sunday’s meeting because it was in Maryhill that Keir Hardie’s funeral took place. Thousands lined the streets as his body made its way to the Maryhill Crematorium on Wednesday 29th September 1915.”

“As a society we recognise that many areas have their own connection with Keir Hardie and that is why we have now held events in Lanarkshire, Ayrshire and Glasgow. We will continue to make sure the society is as accessible as possible to all communities that have a link with Hardie.

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