Following an article written by the SNP’s Joan McAlpine the Keir Hardie Society has rejected the MSP’s claims that the Labour founder would now be a supporter of the SNP.

The Society which aims to promote the life and work of Keir Hardie called the article a “dreadful attempt at body snatching” given his service as a Member of Parliament for both English and Welsh constituencies.

Society Secretary Richard Leonard said: “ Keir Hardie formed the Independent Labour Party not the Independent Scotland Party. This article is a dreadful attempt at body snatching – Keir Hardie was an internationalist not nationalist. His politics were guided by principle not geography, indeed he was MP for West Ham and Merther Tydfil – where he worked tirelessly for the working class.

To refer to Hardie as one of ‘Scotland’s Political Giants’ is only part of the story. Keir Hardie was a man who fought for justice and rights for the working class across the United Kingdom – something Joan McAlpine conveniently ignores.”

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