150TH Birthday of James Brown – Ayrshire’s First Labour MP

KHS JBSunday 16th December marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of James Brown – Labour’s first MP in Ayrshire. First elected for South Ayrshire in 1918 retaining his seat until 1931, Brown was re-elected in 1935 and was the MP for South Ayrshire until his death 4 years later.

He began working in the Ayrshire coalfield and was active in the miners’ union, becoming First President and then Secretary of the Ayrshire Miners Union.

James Brown was also very active in the Church of Scotland and taught in the Sunday School at Annbank Church for 50 years. He became Lord High Commissioner to the Church of Scotland in 1924 then again in 1929.

Keir Hardie served as a great influence in the life of James Brown and as such the Keir Hardie Society is delighted to commemorate the 150th anniversary of James Brown’s birth on the 16th of December.

Firstly, at Annbank Church for the Sunday service at 11.30 a.m. on the 16th December led by the Minister Margaret Shuttleworth.

The service will be followed at12.30 p.m. by a few speeches and laying of flowers at the James Brown Memorial in Annbank.

Society members along with local labour and trade unionists will be joined by local MP’s Brian Donohoe and Sandra Osborne and we hope that James Brown’s nephew Loudon Melrose will join us too.

Tea and coffee will be served afterwards in Annbank Village Hall.

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