‘What would Keir Hardie say?’ – the new book edited by Pauline Bryan

keir_hardieHas the Labour Party stayed true to Hardie’s socialist ideals and vision?
What would Hardie make of the recent developments in Scottish politics?
If he were active today, what would Keir Hardie say about attacks on welfare; trade union rights; immigration; privatisation; European Union or the economy?

A passionate leader who fought for justice, Keir Hardie, founder and first leader of the Labour Party, was a stringent critic of the world he saw around him. A socialist, a trade unionist and above all an agitator, he gave unstinting support to the women’s suffrage movement and risked all in his commitment to anti-imperialism and international peace.

Now, 100 years after Hardie’s death, Keir Hardie society founding member Pauline Bryan gathers together essays from writers, trade unionists, academics and politicians to reflect on Hardie’s contribution and what it means today.

‘What would Keir Hardie say?’ edited by Pauline Bryan and published by Luath Press Limited is available for £9.99 here

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